Vegan No. 1

There's a certain sense
of overwhelming irony
to the modern-day

They must use non-GMO soap
gluten-free shampoo,
and fair-trade
toilet paper,

yet they'll shovel
just about any
toxic goo or illicit substance
into their body with little thought.

God forbid
they end up with bread
in their hair while
they fight emphysema at 40.

New Photos Added!

Hey folks!  I just added some new work to "Deserts," "Forests," and "Mountains," as well as a ton of new ones to "Concerts," including shots from The Meters with John Medeski (check out the full batch in "Current"), The Motet, Leftover Salmon, The Sam Bush Band, and the Yonder Mountain String Band.  Check 'em out!

A Year on the Loaf

As some of you well know, I like to wander.  When I wander, I usually bring a camera.  Since moving up to Sugarloaf last November, I've taken far too many time-lapses, all with the intent of of some vague, eventual something.  This is the first something.  The idea occurred to me this past Fall, while considering that we'd been up here for almost a year, "I'll put some of my favorites together and finish/upload it on the day we moved in."  It seemed a reasonable goal, but some Final Cut debacles, along with a case of extreme restlessness, proved otherwise.  But finally, a month and a half late, here it is!  All footage in the video was shot by myself, and all within 5 minutes of our home.  As always, click through to Vimeo to watch the video in 1080p high-definition.  The song is "Wildflower Honey" by Steep Ravine.  Enjoy!

Andddd...We're Back!

While the website has become a nice historical museum of all things C.B. Klein over the last few months, I can assure you there's plenty more on the way. Head on over to the Current page to check out some photographs from my (relatively) recent stroll through the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  As always, the photos in the current section are largely untouched and unaltered, so take them with a grain of salt!  In addition, keep an eye on the Mountains and Forests portfolios in the coming weeks; I'm working through batches from a handful of summer/fall adventures as we speak, and poems will likely come hand in hand.  That's all for now, thanks for checking in, and happy browsing!

Loons of the Square Table

We almost looked sane,
sitting two by two per side,
each reading
and writing,
hiding split personalities
and wacky
cigarettes behind our ears.

A waitress walked
by and smiled,
and I felt sorry
she did not know
who we really were,

or that the one
with purple flowers
on his socks could crack
at any second,

tearing out her pink
hair and running
through the streets
like Charlie Manson
on parole
at last.


She caught me
just sitting there,
by the window,

looking out
at a couple
of chipmunks and

a pair of rosebushes,
about love,

why some
things never seem
to work out,

and others
all too easily.

C.B. Klein: The Store?!

Shocking, isn't it?  I bet you didn't think I could even run a store!  Well, thanks to Squarespace, their 10th anniversary announcements/improvements, and a particularly foggy day off, I've finally opened an online store here at  Photographs are now available for purchase as prints, matted prints, or framed (and still matted) prints in a variety of sizes up to 20"x30".  While the store is open and products are for sale as of today, you can expect various additions and improvements in the near future, such as canvas and giclee prints, detailed product images, and PayPal compatibility.  Furthermore, please keep in mind that prices are subject to change in the coming weeks; the store is new to me too!  Last but not least, stay tuned for our 20% off "grand opening" sale upon the completion of the online store.  As always, enjoy and happy shopping!