C.B. Klein: The Store?!

Shocking, isn't it?  I bet you didn't think I could even run a store!  Well, thanks to Squarespace, their 10th anniversary announcements/improvements, and a particularly foggy day off, I've finally opened an online store here at cbklein.com.  Photographs are now available for purchase as prints, matted prints, or framed (and still matted) prints in a variety of sizes up to 20"x30".  While the store is open and products are for sale as of today, you can expect various additions and improvements in the near future, such as canvas and giclee prints, detailed product images, and PayPal compatibility.  Furthermore, please keep in mind that prices are subject to change in the coming weeks; the store is new to me too!  Last but not least, stay tuned for our 20% off "grand opening" sale upon the completion of the online store.  As always, enjoy and happy shopping!

Cold Fact


It didn't really make
much sense,

but it was the 
kind of thing
you didn't question

like why is the sky
not green
and how did that Jesus guy
really walk on water?


I thought the
flies would prefer
it outside,
but I was wrong.

Even the days are
cold now, and
they like to stay inside
with me.

On Poetry

"We paint
with words,"
he proclaimed,

and I couldn't 
help but let
out a little chuckle.

He wasn't
a particularly
funny guy,
though I
found the idea

of dipping my brush
in a palette of adjectives
somewhat amusing.

I don't think he 
looked past his
metaphor or 
realized the impossibility
of mixing
nouns and verbs
red and blue,

laying them
beautifully on paper
in one smooth stroke
of purple nerbs.

Why I Avoid City Parks

I feel like a
real poet now,

sitting and writing

on a park bench
with a quaint little
pond full of
geese and feathers.

I clutch my cup
of coffee
(actually a beer)
as though it's my
only hope

and watch
an obese couple throw
stale bread at seagulls, 

expecting one to
snatch a piece out
of thin air
like Fido with his
stick back home.

I let my mind wander
and start to wonder
if the seagulls
simply need something
bigger to catch,

and more so,
how the couple would
if I threw
their toddler
in the pond.



I could hear the
sounds when we turned
the wretched thing off:

a whole pen's worth of ink
scratched on paper,

and a pound's worth
of dogs
with their Friday night

a small TV
next door,

and the voice
of an old friend
asking me

if I ever drive
without listening
to music.


If you remember that
one time, when
we’d stripped the pantry of all
its infinite possibilities,
and decided
to drudge through the snow
to the grocery store,
when we smiled at
the melancholic melons and
grinned at the grapes,
when we overlooked the avocados,
when we staged
the great rhododendron heist,
but failed
to steal anything of value,
then please do tell me
all about it.
I hardly remember a thing.

I’ll be outside raking
at the snow
while you make me
chamomile tea.

First Morning, CO

I could never
have told you when
we woke up today,

when I set that 
alarm for eight fifty-five,
not nine,

and we still woke up
at ten,

that I knew what
clothes I'd wear
and even

what I'd have
for breakfast,

but that I had
no idea

what I would do
the rest
of the day.

21st Century Swan Song

It was easier then.

A whole slew of 
fresh birds to choose from
like the old Love Boat show.

Now, it's slim 

A family every few
towns and 
you have to fly for days
just to find a 
good [mate]
that's not your sister
or your brother's
first wife.

this morning

I was startled
not by how you
woke me up

but when you did

I wasn't upset or
even annoyed
just caught off guard

and I didn't want to 
tell you that

I wouldn't drive you home
that we were home

that you and I
were home

I crawled out of bed
put on that shirt
that looks like an old
slave's garment

and told you
that I loved you


From the Country

After years of flirting with the idea, I've finally produced some time lapses with the primary objective of capturing the meteorological and astronomical landscapes of our great planet.  Below, the first of many, is a three hour time lapse looking southwest towards New York City. Clouds streak across the night sky, and planes jet in and out of the city's three major airports.  To watch the video in high-definition, head on over to Vimeo.  The song is "Nellie Jean" by The Slip.  As always, please let me know what you think and enjoy!