Back in Colorado

Graham and I drove back out to Colorado last week.  For now, we've settled down in North Boulder, but the plan is to move deeper into the mountains in the coming months.  Nonetheless, it's incredible to be back; these pictures really do say it all.  More to come...including some new poems.

Looking east from Woods Quarry, Boulder, Colorado.

Looking east from Woods Quarry, Boulder, Colorado.

The sun sets over the Continental Divide, Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, Colorado.

The sun sets over the Continental Divide, Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, Colorado.

New features added

I mentioned the possibility of these new features last week, so I'll try to make this as short as possible.  The "Writings" section now functions similar to the "Portfolios" section.  Hovering over the text will produce a drop down menu with various choices; "All" will direct you to all of my writings, "Poems" will direct you to, yes, you guessed it, poems, and "Index" will bring you to both a month and tag index of all of my posted writings.  This setup allows me to maintain the current design and function of the website, while adding categories and indexes outside of the somewhat buried footnote of each post.  Enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think!

The Emperor of Ice Cream?

Well I knew
the prince of popcicles,
who proved a much
nicer fellow.
Cool countenance like
the emperor,
but firmer in his beliefs.

So, go on,
tell me about his highness,
his lofty lounge
on the uppermost shelf
of the freezer.
I’ll be with his son,
telling tales of summer,
of times when we acted
like kids.

Hunger (Billy Collins)

The fox you lug over your shoulder
in a dark sack
has cut a hole with a knife
and escaped.

The sudden lightness makes you think
you are stronger
as you walk back to your small cottage
through a forest that covers the world.

© Billy Collins

New features coming soon...

I thought I'd provide a quick update on some of the new features on the website, as well as some of the features you can expect in the coming weeks.  Most of this pertains to the "Writings" section, in an effort to improve navigation and encourage browsing within it.  But first, if any of you were unaware or holding back for this reason, I wanted to quickly note that the "Share," "Comment," and "Like" buttons at the bottom of each post can be used without the annoyance of creating an account.  So please, click away!

Secondly and perhaps most notably, at the bottom of every post in this section, there are now categories and tags.  For example, this post says "In updates."  The word "updates" is a clickable category and clicking it will show all posts that are updates about the website or my various adventures.  This post also says "Tags website."  The word "website" is a clickable tag that will bring up all posts that are tagged with "website."  Some posts will have many tags, for example, the "Back from All Good" post.

Finally, to make these features even more useful, I am speaking with the folks who helped design my website about adding a sidebar to the blog.  Ideally, I want to add month, category, and tag indexes without having to change the beautiful center layout of the entire site.  In relation to this, please let me know if you would like to see any other features added, or if you have noticed any problems and/or bugs when navigating the website.  Thanks and enjoy!

Road Work

For Charlie Shaw

I came home
to you sitting
on my
scratching at some
tiny piece
of metal,
excercising a beautiful excuse
of early morning

Hours later,
I wasn't one
to talk.

While you went back
and taught
a college class,
I puttered around,
and drinking,
and singing,
pretending as though
I have some real purpose
on Thursday