C.B. Klein: The Store?!

Shocking, isn't it?  I bet you didn't think I could even run a store!  Well, thanks to Squarespace, their 10th anniversary announcements/improvements, and a particularly foggy day off, I've finally opened an online store here at cbklein.com.  Photographs are now available for purchase as prints, matted prints, or framed (and still matted) prints in a variety of sizes up to 20"x30".  While the store is open and products are for sale as of today, you can expect various additions and improvements in the near future, such as canvas and giclee prints, detailed product images, and PayPal compatibility.  Furthermore, please keep in mind that prices are subject to change in the coming weeks; the store is new to me too!  Last but not least, stay tuned for our 20% off "grand opening" sale upon the completion of the online store.  As always, enjoy and happy shopping!